What is DIA?

DIA (Digital Interactive Archive) is a project initiated and maintained by the Tarisznyás Márton Museum (Gheorgheni city, Romania), it is an interactive archive for old photographies. Our goal is to gather and to present the visual heritage of the Gheorgheni region. As the archive grows, we try to add the most accurate informations to every photo, related to it's date, provenience, theme. We also wish that our users will contribute to our work to identify as more informations as possible.

DIA can be used by everyone. We respectfully ask anyone who has any photos related to the Gheorgheni region to upload it in our archive. Pictures of buildings, street views or landscapes are wellcome as much as photos of your family. 

How to use it?

If you wish to navigate the archive

On the DIA website you are able to search for keywords, also you can use the filters to find different photos more accurately.

If you want to use a picture from the archive

Some of these photos are protected by copyright. This means that if you want to use a certain picture you need to get in contact with the person who uploaded it. In this case please follow the instructions shown near the photo. Our administrators also can help you if needed. In case that you will use images with free access, we would be pleased if you mention us and let us know about.

If you wish to upload a photo

Important! We accept only photographies made before 31th december 2000!

First of all, please read carefully our terms and conditions! felhasználási feltételeket

We try to make the use of this archive as simple as possible. You can upload a photo only if you are registered. The uploaded images are first checked by our administrators, and then published. If you decide to keep the photo under your copyright, don't forget to mention it by clicking the checkbox.

Please give as many informations and as best description as possible to your upload.  If the back side of the photo contains informations, you can upload it also, next to the front side.

You can use different categories to describe the certain image. The administrators also can add categories to your photo if needed, they also can make some minor corrections in some cases.

If you are not sure about a certain information, you can ask for help by contacting us.

Please be careful about the quality of the picture. (If you need help with scanning or anything else, contact us!) Please upload photos in jpg format, with the maximum size of 8 mb. (It is recommended to upload images in 300 dpi, with maximum 4000 pixels at the longest side.)

You can also bring your original photos to us!

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